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Ace AF1 Matte Black Baseplate

Ace AF1 Matte Black Baseplate

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Price is for 1pc - if building a set of trucks choose qty of 2

Ace AF1 Matte Black Baseplate
Fits all sizes of AF1 Hangers (22-80)

Product is an assembled AF1 baseplate including pivot cup, kingpin, and kingpin nut.

To build a full set of trucks be sure to include in your order:
-2 of these baseplates (or mix and match and colors offered)
-2 AF1 Hangers of choice (choose any size, any color)
-1 Set of Bushings* (Hard or Standard)
*do not choose LOW bushings with this baseplate

This AF1 Baseplate does not work with Classic hangers, if used with a classic hanger, truck will not perform as designed. 

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