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Ace Trucks Mfg.

Ace AF1 Hanger Purple Reign

Ace AF1 Hanger Purple Reign

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Price is for 1pc - if building a set of trucks choose qty of 2

Ace AF1 Hanger Purple Reign
Fits all sizes AF1 Baseplates, both standard and LOW

Product is an assembled AF1 Hanger including Axle Nuts and bonus Re-Threader Die.

To build a full set of trucks be sure to include in your order:
-2 of these Hangers (or mix and match and colors offered, just make sure they are both the same size)
-2 AF1 Baseplates of choice (choose any style, any color, just make sure if picking LOW that both are LOW)
-1 Set of Bushings* (Hard or Standard)
*Choice of bushing needs to be same style as baseplate, for instance if you choose LOW Baseplates then choose LOW Bushings 

This AF1 Hanger does not work with Classic baseplate, if used with a classic baseplate, truck will not perform as designed. 

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