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1. How do I get sponsored?

We’re really stoked to hear that you are interested in sponsorship from Ace Trucks. However, we maintain personal relationships through many channels in seeking out new team members. Our team riders, distributors, and the shops that support Ace Trucks have each played a part in helping us connect to potential new team members. While our main focus is developing even better trucks for you to ride, we take an equal amount of pride in who we choose to represent Ace through their skateboarding. Actually it is the combination of these things which influenced you to consider sponsorship from Ace Trucks. We are not publicly soliciting for new team riders. So asking us to watch your footage or check you out in any way isn’t the most efficient use of anyone’s time. If you really have what it takes to be sponsored by an internationally available brand you should probably have a solid list of sponsors already helping you to get noticed at that level. Always start as close to you as possible, this way those supporting you will truly understand your passion and commitment and they will speak in confidence on your behalf. The bottom line is, put in more work on your skating and enjoy yourself!

2. Where can I buy ACE?

Ace Trucks and products are available at finer skateboard shops the world over. If you’re local shop doesn’t carry Ace you can send us their information and we will contact them on your behalf. If you can’t wait please feel free to purchase all of our products direct from us here; shop.acetrucks.com

3. How can I get free stickers?

Nothing in life is free but if you send us $2 bucks in a self addressed stamped envelope to the address below and we’ll send you a handful of stickers!

CA, 90720

4. My Ace trucks broke. Is this covered under warranty?

Every new pair of Ace Trucks are guaranteed against manufacturer defects in workmanship or materials for their *useable lifetime to the original owner. The warranty covers bent axles as well as any manufacturer’s defects that would cause the trucks to fail or be unrideable. This DOES NOT cover trucks that have been abused, stolen, or ran over by a vehicle!

*Useable lifetime is defined by exposure of the steel axle. Once you have ground through exposing any of the steel axle your truck's design has been altered beyond a warrantable condition.

5. Will Ace cover shipping on my warranty claim?

Ace will cover the return shipping of any replacement products. It is your responsibility to cover the shipping to get them to us.

6. If I am an international customer, how do I submit a warranty claim?

We don’t expect you to pay a ton of money to ship a set of trucks from another country. We will handle all international claims on a case by case basis, so please contact us using the warranty form if you feel you have a claim. If your trucks meet the criteria for replacement, we will most likely send your trucks out from the nearest distribution around your region.

7. Why are my bushings squeaking?

First off, maintaining your trucks will help keep your ride as smooth and quiet as the day you bought it. All trucks squeak. Often the squeaking comes from a part of your trucks called the “pivot cup” or bushings. It’s caused by friction between the pivot cup bushing, bushings and the hanger. To fix it simply remove the hanger off of the baseplate and take soap shavings, wax or standard bearing lube and spread it on all bushing surfaces and inside of the pivot cup and bushing holes and flat surfaces that contact the metal parts. Reassemble the truck and you’re good to go. That will loosen up the trucks, add a more fluid turn and stop the squeaking.

8. I am a skateshop and would like to sell Ace. How do I get started?

Please fill out the "sales Inquiry" form on ourcontact pageand our sales staff will contact you promptly.

9. What size Ace trucks do I use for an 8.5" deck

We get this question a lot. For our more street skating set-ups, or advanced riders we recommend 44 Classics with both of the supplied axle washers in-between the bearing and the hanger on each axle end. We also recommend 55 Classics with no axle washers between the bearing and the hanger, this solution is better for transition skating with more grinds and less flips and spins. Don’t forget that wheel width and in some cases bearing offset will affect the overall track of your final wheel and truck width.